【Original for you】【Braid/Black lacquer】Armor Kozaneita Keychain/Brooch

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The kozaneita used in armor is made into a keychain brooch that is easy to wear.
Kozane are small strips of plates that make up most of the armor, including the sleeves, hem, and torso.
The work of threading the kozane board is called "Odoshi".
Carefully handcrafted by top craftsmen.

Kozane made of special paper is coated with lacquer and woven with pure silk. In order to fasten the metal fittings on the back, the painted leather used for armor is used.

17 kinds of color development. There are two types of Kozaneita: black lacquer and vermillion lacquer.
You can choose a keychain or a brooch as a metal fitting.

You can freely choose from a wide range of options to create your own original work.

1."moegiito odoshi" 萌黄糸威
2."akaito odoshi" 赤糸威
3."hanadaito odoshi" 縹糸威
4."usumoegiito odoshi" 薄萌黄糸威
5."shuito odoshi" 朱糸威
6."asagiito odoshi" 浅葱糸威
7."usumurasakiito odoshi" 薄紫糸威
8."usubeniito odoshi" 薄紅糸威
9."asagiito odoshi B" 浅葱糸威B
10."nakamurasakiito odoshi katashu" 中紫糸威肩朱
11."konito odoshi" 紺糸威
12."murasakiito odoshi omodaka" 紫糸威沢潟
15."shiraito odoshi tsumatori" 白糸威妻取

▶ About how to order
①Please choose the color of the string and the type of metal fittings. (Please refer to the number in the photo for the color of the string.)

▶ Size 50×22×3.5(mm)

▶ Material
Kozaneita:special paper kozane, cashew lacquer (black)
Braid cord: pure silk braid
Painted leather: deerskin
Brooch metal fittings: brass

【Please read before purchasing】

▶ About the product
*There may be slight differences in the color of the photo and the actual product.
*The color of the strap may change.
*Since each item is carefully handcrafted by craftsmen, it may differ slightly from the photo.
*After confirming payment, we will ship the item within 7 business days.
*After applying lacquer, this product is treated with a water-repellent treatment used for silk products, but because it uses special paper, it may deteriorate due to moisture such as rain. Please be careful when wearing.

▶ Others
*Please read "Overseas Sales" in the shopping guide before purchasing.
*Please be careful of accidental ingestion in homes with small children and pets. Please note that we are not responsible for accidents, etc.
*Please check the shopping guide for cancellations, exchanges, returns, and other precautions.
*We do not accept gift wrapping.

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¥2,000 tax included